Can Employers Monitor Employees? 

To ensure that employees fulfill their tasks and work the required hours, employers have implemented software to monitor their activites. But is it really okay to keep an eye on them?

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Why should an employer monitor employees?


  • Protect the company from potential lawsuits with evidence
  • Protect hardware and software from malware
  • Protect the intellectual property of the company
  • Make sure employees do what they have to do
  • Ensure productivity

Is it correct to control employees with software?


As a general rule, when the employees use a company’s equipment and connection, the employer will have the right to monitor what they do.

If the employee is on their own device and uses their own internet connection, it is less likely that it will be okay for the employer to monitor them, although it is often still perfectly legal.

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How can you control your employees with software?

These are some of the functions of a remote work software monitor:

  • Keep track of what they write
  • Recording Internet activity
  • Taking screenshots
  • Observe which employees access which files and when
  • Measure employee productivity, based on how long a computer is idle or how long an application stays open

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Monitor what your employees do during working hours. It records which sites they access and what information they handle during their day. Use this data to increase productivity and lower costs.