I have an employee who watches facebook instead of working. What do I do?

Easy to use

Save the productivity of your company without making a great effort. Deltaeye is an easy useful tool for employee management, avoid information leak and task time control.

Controla el trabajo de tus empleados

Avoid legacy problems

The employee management through monitoring, avoid future legal problems. You can have tests, screencaptures, and statistics to prove your arguments.

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Increase productivity

Productivity increases as a function of reducing production time. A distracted employee at his workplace is an unproductive employee. navegando en el trabajo.

Vigila la navegación de tus trabajadores

Keeping an eye on each employee’s job position once they get the job is a strenuous task. They want privacy, but they use company resources for personal tasks. They check their bank accounts, use their email to make purchases or contact friends, etc.

 What are the benefits of using an Employee Control Monitoring Software?

  • Discretion in the matter
  • You avoid legal problems
  • You prevent malware and leakage of confidential information
  • You control the actual working hours
  • You better measure the delivery time of your projects
  • You recognize the best employees
  • You reduce costs and increase profits
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    Monitor what your employees do during working hours. It records which sites they access and what information they handle during their day. Use this data to increase productivity and lower costs.

    Customer Reviews



    Simple, and without many complications. Very easy to work with this software.

    John Humphris


    I recovered the control of my own company after install this legal spyware software



    There’s not a simpler way to take control of your employees and your productivity..