Surfing web at work

Flexibility can become the worst enemy of your business productivity. When an employee visits non-work related websites, it weakens your productivity formula. How do you ensure that your employees are giving 100% on working hours?

Letting employees surf the web

In a survey conducted by about 3,200 employees, 64% said they visit non-work related sites during the working day: social networks, tourism pages, video streaming. Do you know how much money this can cost your company?

In addition to the reduction in productivity, letting your employees internet free-access can have consequences that affect the security of your company’s information. But, what can you do about it?




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Consequences of letting  employees surf the web

The productivity formula includes the time in which your business is able to perform a task or fulfill a requirement. What happens if part of the time you have dedicated to that project is absorbed by an employee who navigates freely on the internet?

The new era has transformed the information of your company: figures, files or customer data, in the pillar of decision making, what happens if this information is leaked to the competition? or worse, what would happen if it is hijacked by malware? Every year companies lose large amounts of money due to the loss of information.

You need to control employee access to important files

Letting your employees have free access to the web or to information is a negative factor for the productivity and security of your business. These are some of the consequences that unmonitored access can bring to your company:



Any type of malware or virus can stop the regular activities of the company. An employee can put network security at high risk.


When an employee shares or gives his opinion on other websites or social networks, in the middle of his workday, it can affect the reputation of the company. Some even use their corporate emails.

Less Productivity

An employee can lose up to 2 hours a day, of his work time, surfing the internet. This can delay your project times and increase costs.

Leakage of Information

The leakage of company information is due 60% to the free access of employees to confidential files. 

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging can lead to information leaks and high productivity costs.

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Monitor what your employees do during working hours. It records which sites they access and what information they handle during their day. Use this data to increase productivity and lower costs.